Disk Test Results (belated)

| Tuesday, December 23rd, 2008 | Comments Off on Disk Test Results (belated)

The disk test results were posted some time back. However, we neglected to post them here. Here’s a quote from Maggie’s final test entry as well as a link to the results.

In the end, Seagate trounces the competition on performance. However, the second place Samsung disk is still a strong contender, especially where price is an issue. Quite frankly, these are the only two 1TB disks I’ll be recommending to anyone for any sort of capture or editing. Well… actually, I’ll be recommending 4 disks: the two winning models here and their cheaper non-enterprise versions. You’ll have to decide for yourself which best fits your needs and pocketbook.

For us, the 4 Seagates will go into a rack unit and be put into daily use offloading backups.
The 4 Samsungs will go in a new Mac Pro for edit/capture.

Disk Test Results (final)

NOTE: Prices have dropped a great deal since these tests.

It’s also worth noting that Maggie has reversed her assertion that the Western Digital drives run cooler than the others. Longer study shows that the Samsung drives run anywhere from 3 to 5 degrees cooler. And one of the WD drives has since failed catastrophically (and another shows SMART errors). So, one more plus for the Samsung mechanism.

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