Web Services

  • CoryMcAbee.net / Captain Ahab’s Motorcycle Club / The Smallest Star: Aggmedia is proud to provide hosting and web services to director/actor singer/songwriter and Artist with a capital ‘A’ Cory McAbee as well as his crowd-sourced music and art collective Captain Ahab’s Motorcycle Club.
  • The Smallest Fan: Aggravated Media designed and hosts this fan club site. Fans can sign up, purchase a membership and have their names listed on the roster. The site also includes a blog used for news updates.
  • I Am An Art Thief: This WordPress site, built on the twentyfourteen theme, features original graphics created for the [anonymous] owner by Aggravated Media.

  • Commie Tsunami: Commie Tsunami is a fictional band which goes on a fictional album tour every year. The site, created and hosted by Aggravated Media, shows each year’s tour with graphic elements to reflect the mood of each fictional album. Each year we do this makes us wish more and more that this band really existed.
  • Martin Gardner Day: October 21st is Martin Gardner Day. This site acquaints those not familiar with the genius behind so many puzzles and columns on math, geometry and having fun with science. Site created and hosted by Aggravated Media.
  • International Science Joke Day: Like Martin Gardner Day, Aggravated Media hosts the International Science Joke Day gratis. We love science and we love jokes, so it just seemed the right thing to do.
  • Sci-Fi Idols: The site for our podcast Sci-Fi Idols was built with original physics graphic elements by Aggravated Media. Yes, we sat around and made paper unicorns until we got it right. Aggravated Media also handles audio production for the show. Note: SciFi Idols is currently on hiatus.
  • Comikaze 24 Hour Comic Challenge: Australia’s version of the 24 Hour Comic challenge held all around the world. Site provides sign-up as well as rules, sponsors and general information.
  • SkepChimp.com: Aggravated Media contributed original graphics, including the site’s thoughtful monkey mascot, for this web gadget site.

Honorable Mention:

  • Pulp Faction: For 9 years we hosted and maintained the Pulp Faction forums, an online community for Australian comics creators and fans. This included a front end with news, interviews and information as well the forums. All of the graphic assets for the site were created by Aggravated Media.